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Luxury for Less... A Lot Less!

"We've always proven ourselves once somebody makes the choice to come through our doors”

George Costello,

Buffalo News - Interview with George

Western New Yorkers probably know Xtreme Discount Mattress for the no frills commercials featuring President George Costello decrying the mattress sales industry's high markups. "We sell mattresses for less.. A LOT LESS!" he emphatically states. 

However, Xtreme Discount Mattress, the largest volume mattress dealer in WNY, faces an image problem-and not one vou would expect. We sell more than anybody else in the local market- place. but the one obstacle we have is skepticism," Costello says. "The only reason we don't bring in every customer looking for a mattress is people can't believe we really are selling the same quality products at a third to half the sale price of everybody else.”To put those skeptics at ease, Costello expanded the Xtreme Luxury Mattress Division in all seven of its locations.  

"We've always proven ourselves once somebody makes the   choice to come through our doors' ' Costello says. "We can show them these products are exactly the same if not better quality and construction as our competitors, but without the heavy markup. So how does the company keep its prices so low? Costello says it comes down to several factors, including buying inventory at high volumes, cutting overhead by avoiding high-priced locations, and keeping showrooms clean and simple. He also refuses to work with manufacturers that insist on price fixing, and he eliminates "label" markups by placing their own brand on the exact same products sold for more under different names. "It's an extremely simple business proposition that's very hard to achieve," Costello says.

Everything has to be in order. The Xtreme Luxury Mattress Division maintains this promise. As customers travel down the line of luxury mattresses in-store, they can view quality and price comparisons between the mattress they are testing and others like it in the market. As Henry Costello, head of product development, explains, the inclusion of Talalay latex in many modern luxury mattresses sets them apart from the typical mattress.Enhanced response and breathability, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and resistant to mold, mildew, bacteria and dust mites define this natural lates derived from rubber trees. He points to products within its luxury division that are being sold nationally for more than $6,000 and in some cases locally for almost $10,000 that are available at Xtreme Luxury Mattress for $3,000 to $4,000. "It's the same stuff." Henry Costello says. "It is the exact same quality." The Xtreme Luxury Mattress Division offers options for every customer, including for those who prefer all natural, organic products. The company also now offers the nationally recognized Ernest Hemingway Collection- a luxury line featuring Talalay latex and organic New Zealand wool, within a comfortable and long-lasting, hand-tufted mattress. The expansion of the luxury division has already attracted new customers. .

George Costello insists it's because, even among the highest luxury products, he makes sure his company lives up to its popular tagline of selling mattresses for less. A LOT LESS! We want to make luxury mattresses affordable to everybody," George Costello says. "We're simple and honest; that's who we are."

Natural Dreams Talalay Latex

*All Natural, antimicrobial and Dust Mite Resistant

MaterialsSupportComfort Benefits
Natural Talalay LatexSpine AligningPressure Relieving
Organic WoolBuoyant - Less SinkageCool Sleeping
Organic CottonHand Tufted for More StabilityBody Contouring
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Hemingway Collection

*Natural Materials Combined with Superior Support System

Comfort MaterialsSupport Materials Comfort Benefits
Natural Talalay LatexPocketed Coil on Coil ConstructionPressure Relieving
Organic WoolHand Tufted for More StabilityCool Sleeping
Organic CottonFull Perimeter Edge SupportBody Contouring
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Chittenden & Eastman Collection 

*Natural Materials Combined with Superior Support System

Comfort MaterialsSupport MaterialsComfort Benefits
Natural Talalay LatexPocketed Coil on Coil ConstructionPressure Relieving
Organic WoolHand Tufted for More StabilityCool Sleeping
Organic CottonFull Perimeter Edge Support Body Contouring
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Millbrook Beds

*Hand Built in Great Britain - (Compare to Vispring)

Comfort MaterialsSupport MaterialsComfort Benefits 
Organic Cotton6,000 to 8,000 layered Pocketed CoilsPressure Relieving
Organic WoolHand Tufted Top to BottomCool Sleeping
Side stitched for Additional StabilityBody Contouring

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Natural Materials & Superior Building Methods

 Talalay Latex

Natural rubber tree sap is used to manufacture this buoyant, pressure relieving material. Talalay latex is simply the finest comfort foam available.

Natural Wool

Organic wool not only adds comfort, it naturally regulates heat. This keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Wool is also naturally fire resistant.

Natural Cotton

Organic Cotton adds a soft yet durable qulity. Cotton is also breathable and sleelps cool. Hypoallergenic and odor free, these natural fibers are sustainable and safe.

Hand Tufted

Hand tufting prevents shifting or bunching of materials. assures long term support and comfort.

Built by Hand

Building mattresses by hand a is labour intensivundertaking. But, these old world methods still yeild far supperior beds.