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Who makes your mattresses?

All of our mattress are MADE IN THE U.S.A.! We deal with only the finest manufacturers in the country to make our mattresses AND, they are the makers of almost all the mattresses you will find in the other mattress stores, furniture stores, and department stores. They make the mattresses to our specifications, to not just equal, but to surpass what’s being manufactured in the marketplace under many different labels.

How do we sell or mattresses for 1/2 to 1/3 the price of our competition?

Because we sell more mattresses than anybody in the marketplace, and we simply make less money per sale than the high priced mattress stores, department stores, and furniture stores, including supposed “discount” big-box stores, or ANYTHING that’s being sold on the Internet, we are able to sell our mattresses at ⅓ to ½ less than the phony sale prices of the competition.

How do you know which mattress is right for each customer?

The answer is as diverse as the population, and that decision is completely up to the customer. Everyone has different needs and preferences. We’re not going to promise you that a particular mattress is going to cure you of all of every ailment or try to convince you that you need the most expensive mattress on the market in order to get a good night’s sleep. Did you know that in most of the other mattress stores, the salespeople will try to steer you into one particular product, usually their most expensive, because they receive a “bounty” for selling it to you? At Xtreme Mattress, our sales associates never get a higher percentage or an extra “bounty” for higher priced products. They will guide you in finding the mattress that’s right for you, for your individual needs and preferences, and for your individual budget. So how do you know which mattress is right for you? Come on into an Xtreme Discount Mattress location near you and check out some mattresses today!

Do you offer Delivery?

Yes! Xtreme Discount Mattress Delivers! We also offer a variety of cash and carry products to accommodate those who need it.