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Terms & Conditions

Manufacturers Warranties

What is Considered a Defect?

A body impression 1.5" or deeper is considered a manufacturers defect. Also covered: Seam separations, cracks and breaks in the foundation that occur under normal use. 

What is NOT Considered a Defect?

Body Impressions

Body impressions are a normal occurrence. Manufacturers often refer to this as silhouetting. These are small indentations that typically occur during the first few months after your purchase. All mattresses are designed to conform to your body’s individual body contours. They actually add to your personalized comfort! 

Damage Caused by Abuse

Damaged caused by abuse or improper handling can void your warranties.

Proper Care of Your Mattress

Proper care will insure extended life and comfort of your mattress. Your warranty is limited to manufacturer defects and/or product failure. This does NOT include normal wear and tear. We suggest adhering to the following guidelines:
  • Rotate your mattress every 30 days
  • NEVER stand on, fold bed or jump on your mattress
  • Use a proper mattress cover with moisture barrier

Warranty Killers

Warranty will be void on unsanitary bedding. Remember, even water can stain your mattress.

Any damage resulting from improper use will void your mattress. This includes folding, bending or jumping on your mattress. Tears or damage to cover fabric will also void your warranty.

You must provide proper support for your mattress. King/Queen mattresses with a split foundation must have a center head to foot framework.

Law tags must remain on bedding. 

Customers are responsible for retaining their original receipt as proof of purchase.

Warranty covers personal use ONLY. Any commercial use voids warranty.

Absolutely “NO” Refunds
Merchandise that has already been taken or delivered can not be returned. This applies even if merchandise is in factory wrap or box.

30 Day Comfort Option

During the first 30 days after accepting delivery, this option allows for a one time comfort re-selection. After this period, this option is no longer available. If a higher priced mattress is re-selected, the customer must pay the difference. If a mattress of lesser cost is re-selected, no refunds or credits given for the difference. A $75 handling fee must be paid for the comfort re-select option. Mattress may NEVER be returned by the customer directly to the store. In order to take advantage of the comfort re-select option, a mattress protector MUST be purchased from Xtreme Mattress at the time of sale. Comfort options may be exercised once and only once. Floor models, closeouts and select mattresses are not eligible for re-select option. 

Choosing The Right Foundation 

It is the customers responsibility to choose the right foundation. Xtreme Discount Mattress offers Queen and Full sets with standard or split foundations. King sets will always include splits. Older (or smaller) homes can sometimes be difficult deliveries for a standard foundations. Tight stairways or narrow halls may require a 2 piece split foundation.

Splits add $50 to the cost of a Queen or Full set but are sometimes necessary for a successful delivery. Most orders will not be charged delivery on the original order. However, an additional $50 fee, plus the cost of the splits will be charged to redeliver. If standard foundation does not fit, return it with our delivery team. We can not refund a mattress or foundation once it has been left in your home.


Adjustable Base Care / Information 

*Proper care and maintenance of your adjustable base unit is essential to the life of your new adjustable bed.

*Please read and follow directions in your instruction manual carefully.

*Warranty, care and maintenance questions should be directed to the manufacturer. All care and contact information is located in the instruction manual. *We are unable to address issues on your behalf.

*Dreamotion Customer Service Number: 1-833-578-2726

*Customers are responsible for measuring and ensuring products will fit in their/your home. There is no exchange available if the base does not fit. If you have questions or concerns over size requirements, contact store for more information.

*Adjustable bed purchases are not subject to cancellations, exchanges or refunds.