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What Big Bedding Companies Don’t Want You To Know

If you ask shoppers to call out the names of mattress manufacturers, 4 or 5 will probably come to mind. In actuality, there are hundreds of US companies. Although not household names, these companies use the same materials and manufacturing methods as big brand names. The only discernible difference is the amount of advertising dollars spent. Xtreme Mattress works hand in hand with several of these lesser known manufacturers. This allows us to offer the same or better quality mattresses at ⅓  - ½  the price of our competitors. Shop our mattresses.

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Traditional Foams

Most mattress companies outsource foam production to one of 4 major manufacturers. The largest of which is Carpenter who operates 60 factories across North America. Sales of their foams account for 40% of the entire bedding industry. This includes brand names like Temur-Pedic and Sealy; as well as 14 bed-in-a-box-companies.

Occasionally, manufacturers have proprietary foams built specifically for their mattresses. Many of these so-called new materials are only slightly different from other foams. However, clever marketing campaigns often portray these subtle changes as major comfort advancements. This smoke screen is used as a justification for driving mattress prices even higher. Don’t believe the hype! Large and small companies are sourcing their foams from the exact same places.

Latex Foams

While latex can be made entirely from synthetic materials, quality latex is made using the sap of the rubber tree. It is produced using two different processes called dunlop or talalay. Both use a vulcanization process that transforms the liquid sap into a solid foam. But, talalay uses additional steps that result in a more consistent, comfortable & durable foam. For this reason, talalay is widely considered the best quality and most desirable latex.

Determining where your talalay latex is made is fairly easy. There are only two companies that produce talalay on a large scale. Talalay Global is based in Connecticut and is the only US manufacturer of talalay latex. The other is a company based in the Netherlands is called Radium Foam. Both companies are quick to point out minor differences in their production methods but overall, the basic process is the same. Due to its domestic location, Talalay Global by far has the widest US market presence.

Xtreme Mattress’s Cloud Matrix talalay latex mattress is a joint venture with Xtreme Mattress, Restonic and Talalay Global. This line uses only 100% Natural Talalay Latex.

Innerspring mattresses

US manufacturer Leggett & Platt remains the world’s largest provider of innersprings. These coil units are used by the majority of mattress companies throughout the US. With most bedding manufacturers acquiring their springs from the same sources, why pay more for a big brand name mattresses? Xtreme Mattress offers the same or better quality for less than half the price. See the Xtreme Mattress innerspring and hybrid line...