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Standard King vs California King

What Size King Is Right For Me?

For those seeking a more spacious mattress, a standard Eastern King is typically the ideal size. Here you'll find the maximum amount of width for couples to to sprawl out and have their own space to sleep. It's also perfect for a larger individual who just likes a bigger sleep surface. Yet, there are a few situations where a Cal King is more appropriate. Here are some situations where a Cal King is a better choice...

  • Individuals well over 6' tall you may appreciate the extra 4" of length.

  • If you are replacing your King size water bed and intend on keeping your frame, the California King has the proper dimensions.

  • If you sleep with your pet, a Cal King might be the answer. The extra length gives you more space at the end of the bed. This will allow your furry friend to sleep comfortably at your feet without disturbing you.

  • Depending on the size of your room, A standard King may be just a bit too wide to accommodate your furniture. Having 4" less width may be just what you need. 

  • It also might be that you have inherited a California King bed that you do not intend on replacing.

*Regardless of your reasons, be sure of your measurements prior to your purchase. It is ultimately the customers responsibility to make certain the size is correct.  A mattress can not be returned due to improper measurements.