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Filing A Warranty Claim

We regret that you are experiencing performance concerns in your sleep set. Xtreme Discount Mattress delivers the finest quality products; and we value our customers and their concerns. The first step in the process is to make sure you are able to make a claim. 

Warranties would include structural defects (exclusive of ticking cover) of the product. Warranties will apply only if the mattress and/or foundation(s) are NOT abused, misused, or unsanitary. Stains or liquids exposed to the product are considered a biohazard and prohibits us from taking back, which is why a protective mattress cover is suggested.

NOTE: All rips, stains or tears will void the warranty. Before submitting your warranty request please make sure your mattress does not just have body impressions. Body Impressions: Mattress sagging and upholstery pocketing areas are formed into the mattress by the body’s different contours. No mattress will remain perfectly flat on the surface after usage. The Industry Standard terminology for these indentions is “Body Impression”. Industry Standard for a body impression that is considered a manufacturing defect is greater than 1½ inches, less than that is considered normal product variation. If you believe your mattress to be defective and not a body impression, follow instructions below to proceed with your warranty claim.

What You Will Need to Get Started

1. A copy of your original reciept

2. Photos of mattress with no sheets (full length view)

3. If you did not purchase your foundation at Xtreme, please provide a photo of what your mattress is being supported by. Queen frames must have a center support bar. 

4. Forward copy of original receipt and supporting photos following the link at the bottom of this page.

 *Once we receive requested items, please allow 24-48 Hours Monday-Friday for a response. 

Please use the diagrams belowto identify location where you have a problem.

Place a yardstick or broomstick across the location of body impression(s). Use a ruler to measure the depth of the impressions. Measure from the center area of the quilting, NOT the seam of the quilted threads. This will assure measurements are accurate. Take a photograph of the indentation(s) or defects.and submit with form. *Avoid applying pressure when taking these measurements. These photos will not be accepted.

Form Start:
Form End